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    Time and Setting

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    Time and Setting Empty Time and Setting

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    Time and Setting

    Time in Spera works much like time in real life, except for some major differences in the length of time within. The basic formatting for a year is different in its labeling. Below, we will supply an example of time in Spera.


    Cycle 1

    The time system of Spera follows the same template as shown. Above is an example of a period of time within Spera.

    "X": Refers to the decamillenium, or the time period between 10,000 years in the Speran calendar. It is the equivalent to saying the "1900s" or "2000s".

    9753: Refers to the year within the decamillenium. There are 9999 years within the decamillenium.

    Cycle 1: The cycle - or the Speran equivalent to a month - within the year of the decamillenium. There are 6 cycles within one year in the Speran calendar. After Cycle 6, the year shown in the example with go to 9754.

    Days: Although not shown in the example, Speran days are equivalent to the month the cycle represents. Cycle 1 is January and Cycle 6 is June, while Cycles 1 - 6 in the next year are July - December. Everytime a month ends in regular time, it will end in Speran time.

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