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    Lumina Conversion Document

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    Lumina Conversion Document Empty Lumina Conversion Document

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    Lumina Conversion Document

    Originally written by Anasaveriisa Luminasa, X9733. Revised and simplified by Emperor Edgregor Carlston IV.

      The Lumina Conversion system refers to the process of converting Spacial and Temporal singularities, using advanced mathematics, into a definitive entity. This process was pioneered by Anasaveriisa Luminasa, who used the process to help her gather an accurate absolution on the definitive of spacetime inner workings; which was the driving force behind her construction of the Lumina Stopwatches.

      In the conventional method of spacetime study, one would use the Hawthornian or Gregorian model to determine the a single portion of spacetime, combining all of the perceived three dimensions of space and the singular temporal dimension. However, the use of the Lumina Conversion System requires that one keep all of the portions of spacetime separate from one another.

      In this vein, it is perceived that Time has up to 10 separate dimensions, all governing one another in an endless cycle. They remained balanced through a number of variables, all of which encompassing any attempt to alter or disrupt time. Space is left to a single equation, due to only needing a single dimension of space to govern time, and vice-versa.

      This process of governing is called the Chrono-Ourano Vigilance Flow, which is a universal law of Lumina Conversion. With this in mind, the entire equation of the Lumina Conversion takes into account the 10 areas of temporal governance, each exceeding in relative density due to the constant travel between them. Below is a picture of the first of the entire process of the Lumina Conversion method.

      Lumina Conversion Document IWDGN

      In this problem, the value of x is relative to the temporal mass of the object moving within. T is equivalent to 1000(122 * 33x) / 77 / 6(x * y). Y is relative to the temporal density of the object moving within. "R" refers to the result of the problems following the equal sign, and is the final solution. To find x, one must use this equation.

      Lumina Conversion Document D09xa

      "W" refers to the weight of the object (which is turned into x for the mother problem), which can be either a human or a thing moving through the continuum. It is represented by the applier's knowledge of singular weight - such as a person using their own weight if they were to go through the continuum. Luminasa frequently used herself as a model. Much like the last problem, numbers next to the letters represent the power. "V" refers to velocity, while "S" refers to Speed. As such, w2 is actually "weight to the second power". In this problem, the value of a is the following.

      Lumina Conversion Document 4iQrx

      The value of "W" does not change.

      "S" will always be a constant, being represented as 15. This refers to lightseconds that it takes to traverse 15 vectors within temporal realm travel. "V", however, relies on "W" - or the singular weight.

      Lumina Conversion Document F2ksY

      Again, the value of "W" does not change.

      To find the value of y, one must look for the temporal weight by using this equation.

      Lumina Conversion Document BZDJI

      For our very first equation, the value of β is simply the following.

      Lumina Conversion Document Sl0xh

      The chronological vectors are then put into play afterwards, resulting in the answer. "R", the final solution to the first portion of the Conversion method then extends to the final portion.

      Lumina Conversion Document T8RUx

      "Z" is the final outcome, which determines how well the object moving will go. Thus, you are capable of graphing the two points "R" and "Z", getting the correct answer.

      Depending on the slope, one would be capable of telling how easily they could travel between time.

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