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    Character Alignment

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    Character Alignment Empty Character Alignment

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    Character Alignment

    The character alignments are the general consensus of a character's actions. Those with these particular alignments work with a completely various set of traits that make them a person. However, these alignments do no denote personality; they simply denote a person's motivation for the actions that they take.

    There are currently nine alignments.

    Lawful GoodVirtuous and law-abiding to a fault. Normally keeps promises and oaths. Do not betray others unless it is for the betterment of the law and order.
    Lawful NeutralAbides by the law, but usually for an obscure benefit. May or may not be sinister, but rather care about themselves first and others later.
    Lawful EvilDictator-like and sinister, while maintaining order. Usually the most fit to run structured and merciless armies. Care only for themselves and their gain, and care not for other's misfortune; sometimes not even about individual life.
    Neutral GoodMay or may not care for law, but normally follow something for the greater good. Willing to go any length to preserve something they believe in, laws and order be damned.
    True NeutralWorks for themselves and sometimes others. They care not for law, but do not delve into evilness. They will maintain the most individuality, making for them to be the most unpredictable.
    Neutral EvilMay or may not care for law, but will normally do things in spite of others. Does not care for other individuals, normally causing mayhem as they see fit.
    Chaotic GoodHave absolutely no regard to law, but will go to any lengths to preserve life and other individuals. They care not for traditions, look down on oppression, and will often go overboard with their pursuit of their ideal of the greater good. In this vein, they are well-intentioned extremist.
    Chaotic NeutralHave no regard for the law, and will normally only work for what they think is convenient. They usually shed no tears for bloodshed and suffering, but will not relish in it at the same time. They will frequently work with themselves or others for a gain that is their own ideal.
    Chaotic EvilThe most destructive. Completely and totally revolved around the suffering and abject hurt of those around them. Often regarded as demonic, they have no regard for law - usually seeking to destroy it. In this vein, they are usually labeled warmongers.

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