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    Character Information & Template

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    Character Information & Template

    Post by ♠ Demi ♠ on Sun Dec 30, 2012 2:51 am

    Character Information & Template

    Before you begin, or during your publishing, make sure to read through the template informations and walkthroughs. It will benefit you in the long run, helping you reduce the amount of errors you have in your posts. If you happen to make an error, and a staff member asks you to fix it; do not argue with it. Simply repair the broken and move on with a smile, as they are only here for constructive reasons.

    • Overall Character Rules
    • Template Walkthrough
    • Template Code
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    Re: Character Information & Template

    Post by ♠ Demi ♠ on Sun Dec 30, 2012 2:52 am

    Overall Character Rules

    • No Published Characters
      This role-play is one that is orginal. When you create your characters, you must have creativity. With this in miind, all published characters from any Video Games, Movies, Cartoons, or Books are expressly prohibited. Unless you are the direct creator of the published work, you will not be able to create any type of existing character for the RP. You may not use the name of any already published character, as well.

    • No Real Life Figures
      These include all religious and spiritual figures, as well. No Chuck Norris, no Attilla the Hun. No Jesus, no Easter Bunny, and no David Bowie.

    • Follow the Template
      Sure, you're allowed to add your own sugar and spice to it; but all things within the template are mandatory. Absolutely. Follow all of the rules within the posts, and make sure you don't attempt to cheat. The template will not change for you, at all. You are important to the RPG, but you will not change anything hard-rooted. If someone else can do it, so can you.

    • Accept the Length Requirements
      Do not complain about the length requirements. No, we are not like DnD; we are an intermediate-level RP site, where you must write things like a story. As such, we will not accept any attempts at arguing over the length requirements of your detail fields. It's how we roll, so get over it. We will not change anything to fit your own individual needs. If someone else can do it, so can you.

    • Fix All Errors, Don't Complain
      Errors are bound to happen, unless you either 1) Read so carefully that you have everything down, or 2) Have previously created an accepted character on the site before. Other than that, you must always fix the errors the staff wishes for you to fix. Don't complain about the process, as this is all a part of protocol. We will not change anything to fit your own individual needs. If someone else can do it, so can you.

    • Picture-Only Submissions
      What? No. This is never allowed. Just simply submitting a picture from the internet and calling that your character is expressly forbidden. No, we are not going to accept it. If you want to post a picture; by all means, go right ahead. However, you must also include any and all explanations toward your appearance.
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    Re: Character Information & Template

    Post by ♠ Demi ♠ on Sun Dec 30, 2012 2:54 am

    Template Walkthrough

    • Name
      What is the name of your character? The name is not allowed to be anything pertaining to sexual innuendos, terms, and such. You are not allowed to have the name of any published character.

    • Gender
      What is the gender of your character? The gender options are only male and female.

    • Race
      What is the race of your character? Don't start choosing anything from DnD. Your character's available races are located here. You may only choose from one of the Character Friendly Races.

    • Age
      What is the age of your character? It would be good to check the race listings, so you can know how long your average race's gender can live. We will not limit you on this. Simply choose the age within that range, as they refer to unaugmented members of that race. However, you must start from 9 years old and up.

      The RPG has an active age system that your character can follow. Sadly, it is mandatory, but you will be capable of gaining presents and prizes for their birthdays. 6 in-game months equal a year in Spera time.

    • Height
      What is the height of your character? The maximum height of your character is not allowed to exceed 8.5 feet, while it may not be smaller than 3 feet.

    • Weight
      What is the weight of your character? Maximum weight is not allowed to exceed 550 lbs, while it is not allowed to be smaller than 70 lbs. Be sure to retain some realism with weight, as most of the races are the same in proportions.

    • Birthplace
      Choosing from the Spera World Map, you are capable of choosing a providence where your character was born. Any settlement or city that they come from is entirely up to you, but the providence must be one of the named ones on the Map.

    • Character Alignment
      What is your character's alignment? You must use one of the alignments shown here. Your character's alignment is able to change, but make sure you have a development thread linking to it.

    • Appearance
      What is the complete, in-depth detail on your character's appearance. Their height, weight, hair color, hairstyle, hair length, eye color, eye shape, face shape, skin color, skin type, facial hair, clothing; from top to bottom, accessories and adornments, and all how they look in these clothes or adornments. This must be written in at least one paragraph, with at least four to six sentences in each.

      Appearance is a very touchy subject with many RP characters. The garden-variety and inappropriate RP character will be one that lacks flaws; being aesthetically handsome or beautiful all around. While these characters can be very beautiful, give them actual aesthetic flaws. These flaws are not able to be "being too beautiful" or "being far too handsome".

    • Extra
      Have anything extra you wish to add about your character? Please, feel free to post it here. However, if this is not the case, don't. This is completely optional, but can serve to make your character much better and more feasible.

    If you can, please put into a separate post. This is not mandatory, but it is merely an organizational tip.

    • Primary Weaponry
      Your Primary Weapons are the weapons your character has as their primary weapons of choice. While these change, you must choose one of the starting weapons located in here. You may 5 Complexity Levels of space, which means that the Complexity Levels of your Primary Weapons must equal 5.

      Any ammunition attachments go within the Secondary Weapons. There are no exceptions to this rule.

    • Secondary Weapons
      Your Secondary Weapons portion is to store any secondary weaponry from the inventories. These include any ammunition for weapons that require them.

      Secondary Weapons take up space known as a Containment Unit. All Secondary Weapon Containment Units are only able to hold up to 10 Complexity Levels. These slots are taken up in accordance to the Complexity Level of the equipment; meaning that the Complexity Level equals that number of slots taken up out of the number available.

      The only exception to this rule can be if one is a part of a Great Family.

    • Equipment & Apparel
      The Equipment Packs are packs that are used to store non-weapon equipment. They are in place so that the user is capable of storing any important non-weapons. These include any Tomes or Books that the user may have, as well as any armors, accessories, etc.

      All Equipment take up space known as a Containment Unit. All starting Equipment and Apparel Containment Units are only able to hold up to 10 Complexity Levels. These slots are taken up in accordance to the Complexity Level of the equipment, just like Secondary Weaponry.

      One is able to expand their Containment Unit by buying another from the Online Market. All of the space taken up in the previous Containment Unit will still be there, although it will be subtracted from the new unit's containment value. The Containment Unit value is not cumulative, and thus is not capable of being added onto one another with each purchase. You can only buy up to two Containment Units to store your items.

      There are no exceptions to this rule.

    Make sure you keep your repertoire in a separate post than your main profile. This is mandatory.

    • Skill
      The Skill of the character is the overall power in which they possess. The Skill of a character is the equivalent to their "power". These include the Stock Skills, or the creation of new skills for your character. Skills must never be a specific term, but must be a general term while remaining within the restrictions.

      When one creates a new skill, they must always either choose from the Stock or create an original one. If there is an existing power, please make sure to ask the user who controls the character. If it is an NPC, ask the user who controls the NPC. There will then be a development thread where the user's character and your character will practice on the skill.

      It is heavily recommended that you choose a Stock Skill, first. You must state the name of the Skill and give an accurate description on what the skill does. If it is a stock, you already have the description at your disposal. If a created skill is too much like an existing one, it will not be allowed.

      You are allowed to have only one skill upon the creation of your character.

    • Abilities
      Abilities refer to the capabilities of the character, outside of the skill and techniques. These abilities include acrobatics, swordsmanship skills, etc. With these abilities, you are capable of using your character to their maximum potential. Lists of abilities can be found anywhere; simply look for the word "Ability" in the Type portion. In the Abilities Section, you will find the largest database of abilities. You must read the Rights to the ability to find if it is capable of being automatically equipped.

      Out of the Complexity Levels, you are only allowed to have a sum total of 100 Points (meaning that you have 10 Complexity Level 10 abilities, 20 Complexity Level 5, etc.). You must train for these in Training threads.
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    Re: Character Information & Template

    Post by ♠ Demi ♠ on Sun Dec 30, 2012 11:18 am

    Template Code


    [b]Character Alignment:[/b]
    [b]Extra:[/b] (Optional)

    [b]Primary Weaponry[/b]

    [b]Secondary Weaponry[/b]

    [b]Equipment & Apparel[/b]




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    Re: Character Information & Template

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