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    Upgrade Request

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    Upgrade Request Empty Upgrade Request

    Post by ♠ Demi ♠ on Sun Dec 30, 2012 3:01 am

    Upgrade Request

      Here, you will be capable of upgrading your character. Your character will have their experience counters raised, and can be given a number of other things: such as genes, alternate forms, etc.

      You must post the link to anything relevant, here.
      • Experience increases
      • Gained licenses
      • Weight capacity increases

      After 2 days, all links become null and void. Do not attempt to post anything with links leading to advancement after 2 days time, as it will not be accepted. Unfortunately, there is no exception to this rule. You must simply be faster with doing it.

      You will be penalized if you attempt to link two of the same things. If you are caught, which is fairly easy, you will receive a Verbal Warning. If it is done consistently, you will be warned more thoroughly. If it is shown that you will simply keep committing this offense, banning will initiate post-haste. Upon your return from banning, you will find your experience cut to a fourth and your class level decreased, as well as many of your techniques gone.

      If the offense is done often enough, a skill will be gone. It should be obvious what will happen if you attempt to replace it or put it back. Don't cheat.

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