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    Advanced Battle Guide Empty Advanced Battle Guide

    Post by ♠ Demi ♠ on Sun Dec 30, 2012 1:05 am

    Advanced Battle Guide
    A complete guide to fighting in Spera.

      Combat inside of the Spera forums works by using the T1 Guidelines, written by James S. Rascal. This framework has been used in the making of this comprehensive guide to combat, with some alterations to fit our RP style.

      Look here for the complete article.

    • Post One :: Rule of Posting
    • Post Two :: Physics
    • Post Three :: Attacking
    • Post Four :: Defending & Resting
    • Post Five :: Conditions
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    Post by ♠ Demi ♠ on Sun Dec 30, 2012 1:08 am

    Post One :: Rule of Posting

    The Spera RP format follows an intermediate-level T1 Guideline RP format. The T1 format is a widespread style role-play, basing the entire sequence of posting on logical scenarios and text combat. The entire system is used in an effort to uphold trust and balance, which are the key points of this style.

    The style that is utilized on the site is the rule of moderate powers. The T1 Rules and Guidelines article offers a very large pool of knowledge needed to succeed in the role-play. Here, we will be addressing the most important rules.

    Introductory Posts
      1. These are always the first posts by the participants in combat.

      2. The post must include the character's looks, height, weight, clothing, skin and eye color, and even a facial expression. Weight and facial expressions are optional, but can enhance the experience.

      Your character must have all of their equipment that they plan to use present in the introductory paragraph. These include their armors, weapons, abilities and techniques, traits, and everything else that will be used. It is advised to keep a link to your character profile inside of a spoiler tag. This will allow all to be capable of discerning if you actually have these items. However, the ones being used must be described in your post. If you forget any of these, you will not be able to use them.

      4. Those that are first are obligated to post the landscape, terrain, surroundings, weather, time of day, and the quantity of things that lie in the landscape, itself.

      5. Your character is the only one you are capable of narrating. You cannot talk for your opponent, or have them perform any action that you deem good for your character.

      6. Should you be the one to post first, you are not allowed to state the position of your opponent. You are not allowed to state where they will go, nor are you able to say where they will begin. There is no exception to this rule.

      7. You are not allowed to attack an opponent in the introductory post unless the battle is led up to (such as, in a regular RP thread). Your opponent is not allowed to do so, either.

    Posting Restrictions
    • Should you forget anything from your introductory post, such as armor and weapons, you will be incapable of using them for the entirety of the fight.

      • Them being deleted via an error in posting, such as your post being deleted in some way, shape, or form is acceptable for asking for another chance in gaining the right to items. However, we will check the logs. If it does not show that your stuff was lost, you will be deemed a cheater.

    • You must follow the Inactivity Time. Should you go over this time, you will automatically forfeit and the winner of the match will be the opponent.

    • No god-modding in any way. This includes auto-hits, or making your hits always make contact without giving your opponent a due warning. God-modding also refers to getting up after a hit, almost like it was nothing.

      Conversely, this also embodies those who always dodge or block a hit. If your opponent has you trapped in ice, unable to move, and has you down to your last bits of energy, you are will not able to attack unless there was a viable way. Saying that your character broke out of the ice is not a good excuse, no matter your strength levels.

    • Your posts must be nearly equal, lest you risk a disqualification from the match. If your opponent types up 6 paragraphs, with two being add-on fluff, and the 4 being actions, you are to post up to 4, addressing his moves and countering well.

    • Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation are your tickets to victory. We understand that no one is perfect at writing, but no one should have to try and click your words into a coherent sentence for you. This is an intermediate role-play, which means that run-on sentences and frequent misspellings and grammatical errors are a frustration to those who work hard on their posts. These types of sentences bring a grounds for disqualification.

    Order of Posting Turns
      The order of posting goes in a sense where all of those within their thread must post in the order in which they came in their introductory, with their designated BM posting after all to determine the final outcome.

      The following example goes by the inference that there are 5 people in a thread (4 fighters and a Battle Moderator).

        Turn 1
      • User 1 posts the introductory.
      • User 2 posts next.
      • User 3 posts next.
      • User 4 posts last.
      • BM posts.

        Turn 2
      • User 1 posts first.
      • User 2 posts next.
      • User 3 posts next.
      • User 4 posts last.
      • BM posts outcome.

        Turn 3
      • User 1 posts first.
      • User 2 posts next.
      • User 3 posts next.
      • User 4 posts last.
      • BM posts outcome.

    Attempts vs. Hypotheticals
      There are two different types of battle tactics: attempts and hypotheticals. Both of them are the accepted methods of initiating attack and action. Mastering them is something that will work in the favor of the combatant.

      • Attempts - The opposite of auto actions. Attempts refer to the use of diction that denotes that the user of an attack of skill is letting the target/opponent have a chance to respond to said attack.

      • Hypotheticals - A more complicated, in-depth version of attempting. The user will state a small scenario that may happen, and will record what their character will attempt to do as a consequence. This makes it so that the character would not suffer from a Critical Hit due to any missed details.

      Here are some examples of an attempt and hypothetical.

      Cindy made to rush forward toward Carly, throwing a swift punch in hopes that the attack would make contact.

      Cindy made to rush forward toward Carly, throwing a swift punch in hopes that the attack would make contact. Should Carly successfully dodge that attack, Cindy made it the utmost precedence to send a low sweep toward her opponent, with hopes that the kick might send her off of her balance.

      While one is not usually able to go wrong with an attempt, unless they outright state that their technique makes contact; attacking with hypotheticals has its issues. The most common would be "hypothetical metagaming", a type of battling metagaming offense.

      This refers to the use of reading through a hypothetical and attempting to dodge out of the ways that do not encompass the hypothetical. This is why being too specific will have its downfalls, and is not allowed. This includes dodging down if a hypothetical embodies someone attacking if the character dodged to the left or right.

      Hypothetical metagaming will result in a penalty, with loss of condition from the offending character's side.

    Free Hits
      Free Hits are the penalties against those who forget certain things in their post, or have an unsatisfactory post made. With a Free Hit, your character will be unable to dodge at any point. If you are damaged in any way via a Free Hit that might've resulted in your character's death, you will indeed die.

      An example would be if Tim threw a fireball, and finally a knife at Jones. Jones merely references the fireball, and not the knife. As such, the Free Hit scenario activates, with it hitting Jones flawlessly. While this may not be enough to kill, it is always bad to have a Free Hit as it could lower your condition.
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    Post by ♠ Demi ♠ on Sun Dec 30, 2012 1:10 am

    Post Two :: Physics

    Physics is, and always will be, an important part of any type of free-form combat. Because of the incredibly large amount of variety one is capable of having within the game, there are certain things one is bound by. That being, the law of nature and physics.

    There are several laws to the physics of the game, all to be explained below.

    • Law of Push and Force
      An object going against uninhibited force will always find inertia against them. This means that if something is going against a character, such as a high force or push, they must be given the correct treatment as such.

      An example of this would be a character going against a high water current, gale of wind, or gravity. All of these will decrease the speed of the character's movement, and make it harder for them to function. Unless a character has a skill that allows them to bypass this, they will be incapable of doing so.

    • Law of Inertia
      A body or mass will preserve its velocity, so long as no outside body acts upon it. This means that anything that has mass will always retain a certain speed when in motion, but may or may not gather speed based on the forces acted on it.

      An example would be a package thrown from an airplane. This package will go the same speed as the plane if thrown from a horizontal axis. However, upon the force of gravity acting; it will slow and fall down from the sky vertically. From there, it will gain speed.

      This means that if your character was to be the thing thrown from the plane, they would be in some real trouble if they began falling to the ground.
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    Post Three :: Attacking

    Now that you've finally gotten the introduction out of the way, now comes the meat of the subject. That being, the attacking portion. When the BM gives the green light after the introductory posts, the attacking phases begin.

    The attacking portion works much like a free-form, play-by-post battle system. While not overly complicated, it has some limitations placed upon it.

    Specific Combat Types & Rules
    • Swordsmanship
    • Marksmanship
    • Mounted Combat

    Attack Rules
    • 1. One is only capable of performing up to 3 attacks at one time. Unless there are designated techniques - such as those seen in fighting styles - the user will be unable to bypass this. These are including all base actions (such as a Melee, which will only take 1 CL unless the user has a skill that alleviates this).

    • 2. You are not allowed to exceed the current Energy Level you are at. If you ask for a Complexity Level of 10, and your energy level states that you have only 9 remaining, it will not be counted. If one should keep it, the BM must count it as a loss in condition.

    • 3. Skills that directly increase attacking power do not stack. If one has Enhanced Strength and Enhanced Close Quarters, this will not stack to their advantage. All Melee attacks are simply raised to Complexity Level and nothing further.

    • 4. No Complexity Level that is called out can exceed 10, and be less than 1.

    • 5. As per posting rules, you are not allowed to state that any attack you have made hits or that your opponent has missed at any point in time. Doing so will result in a warning, or disqualification.

    • 6. You may not use anything that is outside of your skill's range of capability. Just because you have Hydrokinesis, it doesn't mean that you can freeze it at will. This is not Avatar the Last Airbender; elements don't coincide unless you possess all of them you wish to combine. Doing anything like this will not only result in a disqualification, but a warning as well. Continuing to do so will inevitably result in banning.

    • 7. Respect the outcome. Unless it is completely outlandish, don't start arguing with the Battle Moderator. Take it to staff members. Once they give their piece, that's it. Don't make a revolution out of it - you'll only be penalized for attempting to raise drama, no matter how you try to defend yourself.

    • 8. Read the Posting Rules post. This will be your guide to learning how to post within battle overall, while this post teaches the portion.

    Attack Call-Out
      Attack Call-Out refers to the delineation of the attacks being performed. When your character makes an attempt to attack, you must tell what the Complexity Level of the attack is. This is completely up to you, dependent on how much energy you are willing to expend. However, make sure that it is separate from the IC portion of the post - most acceptably within a spoiler or quote below it.

      Now, there are a few rules that come with an Attack Call-Out.
      • 1. Make sure the attack you are doing is feasible. If your current Energy Level won't allow for it, please make sure that you do not attempt to, lest you risk losing a condition level.
      • 2. If an attack does not contain a call-out, it will not be counted. Battle Moderator honor code states that one should always alert a user if they do not have any attacks that are stated, allowing them to edit in their move if so.
      • 3. One is only capable of performing up to 3 attacks at one time when of normal use and 5 attacks in one post of advanced mastery. Unless there are designated techniques - such as those seen in fighting styles - the user will be unable to bypass this.

    Results Are Results
    [blockquote]There will be no arguing over the result of a technique with a Battle Moderator. All BMs are chosen through a strict, private process of learning. They are tested to see how well they know results and outcomes. However, judgments can be wrong; and people can change. Therefore, the staff is not responsible for anyone being mistreated within battle by a Battle Moderator.

    However, we will take affirmative action against said Battle Moderator for you. Don't think that you'll be a hero if you begin disrespecting them - while you might earn some badass points in our book, we'll still have throw that book at you; punishing you for any infraction you may have committed. It's fine to ask for clarification, but make sure that you stay respectful.

    This also goes double for Battle Moderators. Do not let your position get to your head; you judge battles and nothing more. You don't even have the power to determine if a character dies or not Razz. Attempt anything unfair or illegal, and that small bit of power will be stripped from you indefinitely.[/blockquote]
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    Post Four :: Defending and Resting

    Of course, the second portion from attacking would be the Attack-Defense; or the defending portion. Most players may attempt to simply outright attack and hope to the high heavens that they make contact. This is, however, not always the best strategy - no matter how you look at it.

    The defense portion is just like the attack portion, with much more calculation going into it within the calculator. All things taken into account with the defensive portion are the following.
    • Barriers
    • Guarding with Body Parts/Whole Body
    • Shields and Armor
    • Trapping the Opponent with chains, domes, etc.

    Anything else outside of those are not considered direct defense tactics, and are subject to the Battle Moderator's immediate judgment.

    Rules of Using Defensive Tactics
    • 1. You must treat this as an attack, and use the Attack Call-Out method.

    • 2. You are unable to use more than 1 more defensive barrier per every three post turns. If the barriers are taken down in any sort of way, you will be unable to use them for the next three post turns.

    • 3. As per the posting rules, you are not capable of saying that the defensive barrier being used will completely stop the opponent in their tracks or guard you.

    • 4. Defensive health works differently than regular. Depending on the Complexity Level, it will be raised to a certain amount; and can be broken by the opponent using a move that exceeds the health range. You are unable to heal your defensive health at any point.

    • 5. Using the calculator, one is capable of finding the strength of a defensive barrier. Do not attempt to try and cheat by giving it the wrong parameters. The calculator only lies when you lie to it.

    • 6. Your barriers will only be as structured as you say they are. If it is a circular sphere of god-awful rainbow coloration, then it will be so. However, if you only state that the barrier is a front-encompassing shield of twilight vampire sparkles, then it will only be a front-encompassing shield of twilight vampire sparkles. This means that attacks from behind can hit you.

    Energy Levels & Resting
      As attacks are used, Complexities are thrown, and damage is taken; Energy Levels will fall. All Energy Levels are the measure of the amount of energy a character can expend before they are rendered EXHAUSTED. When Energy Level reaches zero, it will trigger the EXHAUSTED status, which will mean that the user is incapable of attacking until they rest themselves.

      The EXHAUSTED status entails the following:
      • The inflicted is unable to use any Complexity Level of attacking.
      • The user will have a harder time evading attacks.
      • The user must raise their level of energy through the methods of resting or healing.

      When resting themselves, a user is capable of gaining a certain amount of energy back, depending on the level of resting they perform. Each of these levels have a certain effect that comes with them.

      • Heals 10 energy.
        • User is capable of running or dodging, albeit a little less effectively.
        • User's attempts to block will always be an automatic Complexity Level 2, and can only be done once every 3 posts. It will not take down anymore strength.

      Critical Rest
      • Heals 50 energy.
        • User must remain immobile, essentially becoming a sitting target for enemies making their way over to attack them.

      When your energy is healed by outside forces, such as eating or medical expertise, it will not count for resting.
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    Post Five :: Conditions

    Conditions are the measure of how well your character's health is in battle. This is the closest thing one gets to an HP measurement. Whenever you are in-battle, the BM will always this one of their highest priorities. Determining what level of HP you are in will allow you to get a feel on how you should react with your character.

    There are six levels of condition.
    • Healthy
      The character is healthy and relatively free of wounds. They are at optimal efficiency, able to deliver off blow after blow during battle; and can run or dodge efficiently.

    • Fine
      The character is relatively healthy, albeit having taken some damage. They are still at pretty optimal health, able to still be effective enough to fight efficiently.

    • Injured
      The character has been injured to a noticeable point. Scratches, bleeding, etc. can be seen slightly, and a little fatigue as well. During this point, a character will usually find themselves a bit fatigued and unable to move as efficiently as before.

    • Moderate
      The character is quite injured, fatigue being fairly obvious now. They are usually running nearly on empty by this point, being only one condition away from the most heinous injury level.

    • Critical
      The character is very heavily injured, nearly running on an empty tank of energy. They are very fatigued, and are usually suffering from heavy injuries - noticeable or otherwise.

    • Incapacitated
      The character has been rendered incapacitated, or completely knocked out. They will be unable to continue fighting, unless there are outside forces helping them. During this time, the BM must give them a "glory post", which will allow an outside force to come in to help. During this time (if Death is turned on), the character can possibly be killed; or be healed.

    There is no way to heal condition, unless one has the Power Medic skill.
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    Post Six :: Death Rules & Reincarnation

    Death is simply a factor that we all have to endure with our characters. Due to the fact that no one will RP long enough to die of old age, a character is capable of dying from many types of untimely events. These include sickness/injury, death in battle, or even suicide; among other things.

    What is Casualty Clause?
    list]The casualty clause is a definitive that means that, during a certain event/happening, your character is susceptible to injury and actually dying. The casualty clause is to be added to any place that wishes to entail that if you participate, you may die.[/list]

    Diplomatic Immunity
      All important NPC characters/players are given a form of diplomatic immunity, which disables them from dying unless the thread specifically states DI-Disabled. Important NPC characters include Kings/Queens, Emperors/Empresses, large and successful organization leaders, and Gods or Deities.

    Systematic Killing
      Systematic killing, or genocide, is allowed only under the pretense that it is believable and capable of happening. Know that, when going up against an entire race of people, you will be met with the fiercest of opposition imaginable. Things you do could wind up hurting you in the long run.

      All of those who attempt this will be automatically listed as criminals in the Central Records.

    The Rules of Reincarnation
      When your character dies, you are capable of "reincarnating" them into someone else. Half of the deceased character's power will go toward the new character, and must be discussed in a reincarnation thread with staff.

      The rules that carry over are as followed:
      • The new character is only able to have a rank that is at most below the original. If your old character had an "S" Ranking, your new character must be a B-Rank at the most.
        • B-Rank Characters can only carry over up to 1/5th the amount of techniques had by the original.
        • C-Rank Characters can only carry over up to 1/4th the amount of techniques had by the original.
        • D-Rank Characters can only carry over up to 1/2th the amount of techniques had by the original.
        • E-Rank Characters can only carry over up to 1/2th the amount of techniques had by the original.
        • F-Rank Character can only carry up to 1/2th of the amount of techniques had by the original.

      • A character can only transfer over techniques that are of the same ranking as their new character.
        • The techniques that are transferred over can only be transferred if the new character has one of the Trees that the technique belongs to. If it is a fighting style, the new character must possess that fighting style.

      • Only two of the weapons owned by the previous character can be given.
      • The new character is able to take on one specific tree and class in the very beginning.
      • All of the Point Tiers and Complexity Levels of the old character are to be halved and given to the new character.
      • All of the weaponry and equipment are unable to be passed on to the new character.
      • All Intelligence gained are unable to be passed on to the new character.

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