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    Traveling to Locations

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    Traveling to Locations Empty Traveling to Locations

    Post by ♠ Demi ♠ on Sun Dec 30, 2012 1:44 am

    Traveling To Locations

      Your characters are all within certain areas, delineated by their place of location. Locations change depending on where they were, previously. If an RP took place in Northern Spera, and they participated, they are unable to join another in another portion of Spera without traveling to it.

      Traveling in Spera requires that you post your character going to the different locations. All that is required is a simple thread; with one being able to be used for all traveling. All that is needed is one paragraph. There are no exceptions to this rule.

      Remember, before you allow someone into your thread, make sure you get their travel information. If they have traveled to your portion of the map, and it has been accepted by a staff member, you will be capable of allowing them. Otherwise, please make sure to tell them to travel there. Do not attempt to bend the rules for them, as you will be penalized for it.

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