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    Speran Pregnancy

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    Speran Pregnancy Empty Speran Pregnancy

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    Speran Pregnancy

      Characters, particularly female characters, are capable of getting pregnant in Spera. This is a very natural part of the reproductive phase of the life cycle. However, Spera is a dangerous place. As such, many pregnancies have ended in tragic miscarriages due to heavily violent warfare and actions.

      As such, the 41st Emperor of Spera passed a law that gave women the ability to access an extensively powerful protective magic that would guard the embryo until full development. This project took over 14 years to perfect, but the Empress was very determined to save the life of children in Spera. Through perseverance came the hardship, which gave leeway for extremely beneficial results.

      No one has to pay for the magic. This encompasses all women who are harboring life within them.

      The amount of time for a baby to be born depends on the race.
      • Human: 9 Cycles
      • Linzin: 5 Cycles
      • Ronoan: 6 Cycles
      • Ul'Torin: 3 Cycles
      • Elenor: 2 Cycles
      • Draconean: 10 Cycles

    Mainstream Available Protection
    • Embryonic Barrier - All women are capable of accessing this magic, which is immediately put upon them once they visit the hospital. They will be placed under the Pregnancy Watch, which gives them access to the Embryonic Barrier. However, due to kinks and defects over time, the barrier does not protect 100% of the time. In fact, direct attacks to the barrier will have a 30% chance of breaking through. If this happens, the baby will die.

    • Pregnancy Watch - All pregnant women are given protection by the Speran Military. They will be watched by Strike Force soldiers, and will be allowed leeway to perform their daily tasks under the watchful eye of the Brigadier Commander.

    • Abortive Removal - An operation, which removes and kills the embryo. The operation is very controversial, due to their being pain receptors activated upon the embryo during. Along with this, the mother also has a 20% chance of dying. Abortive removal is a free operation for anyone choosing to get rid of their child.

    Secretive/Non-Mainstream Methods
    • Temporal Speeding - Only capable of being performed when going to renegade surgeons. The temporal speeding with speed up the development of the embryo, which will be painless for both the woman and the baby. The baby is then able to be birthed.

    • Magical Birth - Capable of being performed in the hospitals. This is a new, revolutionary way to give birth. The doctors will perform a 30 minute magical surgery, which will bring forth the baby. This birth is quick and painless, as well as clean. Truly a grand way to greet new life into the world.

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