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    Becoming a Warlord

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    Becoming a Warlord Empty Becoming a Warlord

    Post by ♠ Demi ♠ on Sun Dec 30, 2012 2:12 am

    Becoming A Warlord

    So, because you've looked at this thread; I can only surmise that you're interested in becoming a Warlord. Or, maybe the title just drew your eye. Something along those lines, right?

    Either way, welcome to the comprehensive thread on becoming a Warlord. You may be wondering - what exactly is a Warlord in the Speran universe. Well, to put it simply, a Warlord is a person who has an entire, active army at their disposal. Members are capable of creating shared NPC group characters, that allow them to have armies.

    Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Well, it is very exciting. When you have an army, you tend to feel rather... invincible. Like nothing can touch you. Nothing could ever possibly stand in your way! No single force, no matter how large, could compare to your group of trained individuals.

    Everything except... well, everything. Maintaining a Warlord status is a difficult job. Although you gain the perks of a Warlord, expect them to be directly tied to your character's need for the army. One needs to work their way up during their time as a Warlord, supplying them with anything they may need.

    As the administrator, I will say this now -- I openly support and encourage warfare over the RP. In fact, I want it to flourish. Conflict creates bonds. Whenever I see a conflict happen, with people working together, I tingle on the inside. But, enough about me. Onto you, the potential Warlord.

    These posts in this thread will help you learn the information on Warlord, entire maintenance system required of you for your army, as well as how you can ascend the ranks. You will find various links to your capabilities of conquest, as well.

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    Post by ♠ Demi ♠ on Sun Dec 30, 2012 2:18 am

    Warlord Information

    The Warlord Lexicon is a large vocabulary used for those who partake in the formation and maintenance of an army.

      Types of Warlords
      Whenever you gain an army, you will be labeled as a certain type of Warlord, depending on your actions. These actions will determine how you will be held in regard of the world around you.

        Conqueror - A Warlord who uses their army to actively conquer and overthrow parts of the world, essentially securing it for themselves. Because conquest is such a hard and long job, those who undertake the path of the conqueror will be met with obstacle after obstacle.

        Protectorate - A Warlord who has created an army for the sole purpose of protecting a certain place or ideal. These are normally those who create an army for the sole reason of protecting something they hold dear, like a home country or a belief of freedom. While well-received, they may sometimes dwindle on the edge of Conqueror.

        Vanguard - A Warlord who simply makes an army for the sake of gaining the upper hand on their foes. They may be fans of disproportionate retribution, overkilling methods, or have just simply met an opponent strong enough to require an army. They may also have created an army for the simple reason of creating an army.

      Whatever your Warlord Type, you will be listed as such within the database of Spera as a Vanguard Warlord. As your actions change, so does your label. Sometimes, mislabels happen; but this is only going by the actions you take.

      Pre-Warlord Process
      There are several processes to becoming a Warlord. These processes are to be followed to the letter, which will assure your position as a Warlord secured.

      • 1. Check the Warlord Lists in the Positions and Roles portion of the boards. Check out what a Warlord entails, and make sure that all information here is memorized and read thoroughly. You'll need to ask.

      • 2. Because one requires the Legion Leadership skill, which is a Rare skill, you will need to ask the administrator how you should get it. There are no limits to the amount of characters that can have it, but there boundaries set in place. These include if there are simply too many Warlords running around.

      • 3. Shoot the administrator a PM. You must include 3-6 thread links, showing in-game RPs. These will be assessed to see if you are capable of leading an army. If the administrator gives you the go, create a thread where your character is show to be building a small army. This must be added to your character applications and a reply.

      • 4. Convene with the administrator on how you should format your beginning army. These include the numbers, the soldiers, etc. Because Warlords are essentially glorified Beast Tamers, this will be a long process.
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    Building Your Army

    Building an army is the hard part about being a Warlord. Never mind the battles, the hardships, the rewards and the consequences; the main stress of a Warlord is to build their army into a powerful force to be reckoned with. However, those who are smart will find their own way of effectively growing an army.

      Army Types
      There are four types of armies. These army types are to always be kept into account whenever one goes into Lording. When you create an army, you will have to look out for these; as they are the most important aspects of an army.

        Brigade - The default army size. These contain up to only 20 army soldiers. They are the smallest size, which everyone starts out with.

        Platoon - The next size up from a Brigade. These contain up to 100 soldiers. They are the second smallest size. To gain a platoon, you will need to show prowess and success with the Brigade.

        Militia - The next size up from a Platoon. These contain up to 1,000 soldiers. They are the middle size of armies. To gain a militia, you will need to show prowess and success with the Platoon.

        Army - The next size up from a Militia. These contain up to 10,000 soldiers. They are the third largest of the armies. To gain an Army, you will need to show great prowess and success with the militia.

        Military - The next size up from a Militia. These contain up to 100,000 soldiers. They are the second largest of the armies. To gain a Military, you will need to show substantial prowess and success with an army.

        Legion - The largest army type. These consist of 500,000 soldiers at their disposal. To even have a chance at a legion, you must show extreme prowess and success with a military.

      Army Rules
      • No soldier type is allowed to have more than Class BD, meaning B for Class and D for Energy Level.
      • No soldier amounts can go over the amounts allowed. They may, however, be smaller than it.
      • Any NPCs for the army count toward the soldier count, which must always remain as a constant.
      • Whenever an army is deployed, please make sure you state how many have been deployed. The rest must stay at the designated Base of Operations.
      • There will be no do-overs when it comes to armies. If you do not maintain any, and they begin dying off - you will not be able to get them back. This is a simple fact. There are no retries.

      Regular maintenance on armies require that they be maintained. These people are counting on you to be an effective leader. As such, it is your job to make sure that they are always maintained. You will need to pay by this point. All new Warlords start off with 300,000 Money.

      Expenses come every three months. After the due date of each maintenance, your army will being dying off. If you do not pay before your due dates arise, you will be alerted that a part of your army has died after a week. You will lose half of the soldiers in one of your portions.

      Expenses cover feeding, clothing, weaponry, and health. With all of these in mind, the amount you must be is based on the chart below.
      Class LevelAmount
      F20 Money/ea.
      E50 Money/ea.
      D70 Money/ea.
      C100 Money/ea.
      B500 Money/ea.

      Those are also the prices of buying new soldier types. The Class Levels refer to the first class in the two classifications. An example would be a DE Level soldier. It will only take into account the D ranking, and not the E. Or an FD ranking, which will only take into account the F ranking. As such, paying for the maintenance of 200,000 F Rank soldiers will be come out to a whopping 4Mil Money that must be paid for, which is absolutely astronomical.

      This also means that buying an F Rank soldier type will result in the same multiplicatives.
      • All money used must be on hand, not in Bank Accounts.

      Creating Soldier Types
      When a Warlord goes into battle, they are tasked with the creation of soldiers. These soldiers are to be used at the disposal of the Warlord, while also remaining manageable. The types of soldiers one is capable of buying depends on the Rank.

      Any Soldiers bought must be delineated in number. Meaning, if you were to buy a soldier type of the B ranking; you must tell how many you wish to buy. Of course, this will mirror expenses: where if you try to buy up to 50 B Rank soldiers, it will cost 25K Money. Buying 500 B Rank soldiers will cost 250K Money, and 5,000 will cost 2.5Mil Money. It is up to you as a Warlord to see how many soldiers you wish to maintain.

      All soldier types require a creature profile, including any NPC. Of course, we're not going to ask you to create 5,000 separate creature files; just make an all-encompassing one for the Soldier type. You are not allowed to change anything within your army, unless you are willing to pay an amount of 2.5K Money to gain editing power.

      Remember, to always be imaginative. Soldiers do not have to be beefed up humans or terror-inducing zombie demons. You could have an entire army of robots or even an army of creatures at your disposal. Just know that all expenses remain the same, so go nuts at the risk of your wallet.

      Broken Morale
      This can happen. At random times, you will be sent a PM; stating that your army's morale is being broken. Sometimes, conflict may break out between them. Sometimes, you may have lost so many soldiers that they now fear for their lives. Maybe you just suck as a leader. Who knows?

      However, broken morale happens. As such, you will be tasked with creating a thread that shows you taking action to hold up the morale of your troops. This can be a speech, action, buying them a candlelit dinner and light music - who knows? However, you may choose anything you deem as acceptable.

      Now, here comes the rules to Broken Morale.

      • Any smart user will try to alleviate this by making completely loyal or emotionless soldiers. We will not allow you to say that your soldiers can have a completely iron-clad resolve; as everything has a breaking point. Even robots can defects. Attempting to do so will only result in your inevitable failure.

      • During the RP, a Game Master will post results. You must control your soldier's reactions according to that post. If it states that your character has succeeded in making their army come to their side, then make them rejoice you or something to that effect. If you fail in that post, make them reluctant or scornful. Contradicting the post is considered cheating, which will warrant a report to the staff. Harsh? Yes, but cheating isn't tolerated in any sense.

      • There will be no godmodding, where you state that your army's morale has magically shifted to your favor. This is up to the Game Master.

      • Don't argue with the results post. Just keep trying, or simply give up. Don't say you want only a certain GM to post in your thread. You do not have the power to decide this.

      If one fails to cure the Broken Morale of their soldiers, they will be forced to give up all of their army; thus becoming a Fallen Warlord. Again, this may be harsh and steep; but we're talking about the lives of nearly a thousand or more soldiers. When you have all of that power, the consequences can be pretty dire.

      A Broken Morale scenario will never happen back-to-back. After one has happened, expect there to be a two month period before one is required to go through another Broken Morale scenario.

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